1999, Mr Shi chang, owner of Lucktech, Started cable & network accessories business.
2004, Mr.Shi Chang setted up Lucktech Company in UK
2007, Lucktech was founded in Ningbo, Zhejiang with 5 staff, and focused on trading and exporting service.
2008, Lucktech team work hard to expand product range, and see the development of PDU, and innovative desktop socket;
2009, Lucktech PDU & desktop socket became very successful,and we caught a lot of big customers for PDU & desk sockets replica watches
2010, with the increase of turnover, Lucktech recruit more employees.
2011, Lucktech invested a Cabinet & PDU factory in Cixi Industrial Zone.
2012, Lucktech brand is registered in China and Ukraine.
2014, Lucktech achieve a turnover USD 15 million.
2015, Lucktech’s cabinet & PDU factory expanded to 18082 m².
2016, Lucktech moved into a new larger office.
2017,Lucktech turnover increased 20% than 2016.

........Lucktech is keeping growth........